Sémaphores Offices

The office building at the corner of rue Boileau and rue Bourbon is eighteen meters thick. The ribbon it forms bends at the corner of the two streets. A break in its gauge echoes the rifts developed throughout the block. From the apartments, this break opens onto a planted terrace.

The entire building is treated in natural anodized aluminum or glossy white lacquer. This skin, which protects the external insulation, is treated in perfect continuity with the roof, which folds along the line of the facade. The resulting continuity gives the whole a sculptural appearance. 

On the first floor, the hall provides an opening onto Rue Boileau. It combines with the vertical break to raise the building and makes for clear, easy access. All the frames and sashes are lacquered in brown, as are the rift lines and vertical break.

Like a fruit whose skin would protect the flesh, this brown color appears as soon as the monolith opens out. Top offices emphasize a recess, giving way to terraces protected by the continuous roof. In contrast, the regular proportions of the openings highlight the volume’s geometrical variations.

Photographie : Sergio Grazia

6,000 sq.m.
10 M€ Before Tax