Latécoère Head Office

The construction of a head office requires a great deal of attention. The aim is not only to create a place of work, but also to define the framework for welcoming visitors and partners, and beyond that to enhance Latécoère’s image in the city.

Latécoère is a high-tech company working in aviation. lts new head offices had to offer both a working environment that facilitates exchanges between the different departments and reflects the Group’s identity.

The rises and folds of the main building reinforce its role os the flagship that ties together all the permutations of the site, in particular the lodge.

The principle of the facades relies on kinetics based on the presence of long, vertical and triangular straight edges, the overhanging sides of which sometimes reflect the sky and clouds, sometimes the flora.

Photographie : Sergio Grazia

12,800 sq.m.
19 M€ Before Tax