Competition 2012
Delivery 2017
Surface 5200 m²
Cost 10.8 M
Landscape design JM Rameau

Photos Sergio Grazia, Stefan Tuchila

Paris’ ring-road (périphérique) side: a kinetic façade in pleated steel; the Gentilly side: a green arbor that runs along the terraced balconies: two sides for exclusively commercial specification.

The volumes of this office building put scales in relationship and enable an 8-level monumentality across from the périphérique to transform into a 3-floor building in the heart of a neighborhood. This gentle transition is highlighted by differentiating the treatment of the façades.

The north-facing façade is composed of steel prisms that alternate metallic frames and panels. By increasing these modules the façade creates a kinetic effect, an ambiguity that plays with perception and flusters how the scale is read.

This variation in relief will capture light from east and west and the flickering lights of vehicles. The new building in the périphérique’s landscape will
become a new urban benchmark that will facilitate the place’s relationship of scales.
In contrast the southern façade is more domestic, composed of continuous balconies with green arbors. The stratification of overlapping balconies, the presence of greenery and the building’s simplified forms translate into gentleness and eases the Relationship between the building and its environment which contrasts with the northern façade.
Being set back, the first floor gives the property breathing room and an alley to the plot of land that enhances the conserved building that once housed the public baths.