Clichy Sanzillon


Competition 2016
Delivery 2020
Surface 18 166 m² ( dont 244 m² de Commerces)
Cost 45 M€ HT
Project Manager Stefan Tuchila / Olivier Terrisse
Landscape design JM Rameau

The Sanzillon district is in full evolution. Indeed, the extension of Paris metro line 14 will help in revitalizing this area by connecting it even more closely to Paris.

The site is made up of a patchwork of different constructions, elements that over the years have deconstructed the street alignments of the Sanzillon block.

Two remarkable buildings, from the Haussmann era, placed at the ends of this plot, form figureheads that maintain the triangular structure of the plot. Their gabled facades overlooking the interior of the plot are still waiting for these urban bases to be developed.

This context analysis led us to continue the undertaking which had begun at the beginning of the century, by taking up the alignments of rue Madame de Sanzillon with boulevard Victor Hugo: a way of uniting these two remarkable buildings forgotten by time.

While working on this alignment, we sought to bring a certain porosity to this impressively long plot. The idea was not to close it up with huge walls and façades but generate a certain openness that will encourage new urban perspectives, in particular, a new transparency between rue Madame de Sanzillon and Boulevard Victor Hugo by extending rue Mozart.

The splitting of the initial volume by creating three new buildings was also an opportunity to let light into the garden at the heart of the block. A real and consistent urban dialogue is thus being created.