Lot Fulton

Architects of the joint development zone : PériphériqueIgnacio PregoBernard Bülher

The lot Fulton is located on an exceptional site, an elongated plot of land overlooking the Seine, a stone’s throw from the Gare d’Austerlitz.

Volumes are dislocated to guarantee quality of life and sunshine for all. Despite the density of the site and the difficulty of respecting minimum separation distance, the specific geometries respond to all situations of double visibility or cast shadows.
This urban tango emanates from a desire to democratize views and qualities of use, even at the back of the plot. As a result, the homes are not overlooked, and tensions between buildings are defused.

The interstices between the buildings evoke a tree-lined craftsman’s courtyard or landscaped alleyway. The vegetation reaches right up to the tops of the buildings, rising up on planted terraces to create an altimetry of superimposed landscapes.

27,500 sq.m. - social housing