“Le Damier” / The checkerboard

The site forms an ecological corridor.

The site forms an ecological corridor linking two of Antony Biodiversité’s major landscaped areas pathways and shared views of the park are the leitmotiv of this urban project set in a very suburban fabric; crossings and diagonals sequence the operation to counteract any interruption in the landscape.

The project’s economy is based on a rational matrix and sophisticated composition.

The envelopes assert themselves like ceremonial dresses, and the various themes evoke the haute couture collection: mobile panels, glass double skin, greenhouses, large balconies, glazed “Nacos”, etc. The appeal of the range lies in its diversity.

A major effort has been made to recover rainwater.
The wet meadow that occupies the heart of the block has turned out to be an immense drainage channel, with permanent watering and an ecosystem capable of absorbing the surpluses of the entire district. Solar panels complete the environmental system.

29,900 sq.m.