“EcoQuartier” / EcoDistrict

Venice, Amsterdam, Bruges… A city on water always has a poetic quality, evoking narration, imagination and reverie. Here, insularity provides a special sense of difference and privilege.

Living on an island also means clearly perceiving its contours, the limits of an identified territory to which you belong.

Finally, it’s a strong sense of interiority: car traffic is reduced, the sounds of the city are far away, access is limited, and to get there you need to know the way.

This urban planning project is permeated by a singular relationship to the territory and to the sector as a whole. Programmatic singularity: each user of the building has a parking lot directly connected to his or her floor.

Water management is a key issue for the project. Open space has been maximized and drainage channels integrated to achieve almost complete autonomy in terms of rainwater.

The development of soft mobilities and the pedestrianization of the entire site are key features of the project. The extension of the promenade along Quai du Moulin and another soft connection to the town hall complete the scheme and the implementation of the ecodistrict themes.