Village Delage

Living densely.

The A4 block, because it comes into contact with existing buildings and a significant piece of heritage, represents a particular challenge for the district as a whole. As the link between the Delage factory and the new district, the site’s architectural challenge is based on what’s already there.
The prerequisites developed for this area led us to adopt a strong theme, in order to articulate all the scales present on the site and to insert the built ensemble into the landscape network developed for the entire sector.
Because the condition for urban density is access to light for all, we believe that emptiness is a shared heritage in the urban environment.
We propose to orient the design of block A4, and more particularly block A4a, around its core areas, paying particular attention to the shape of the interstitial space between the buildings.

1,262 sq.m. (retail) + 1,992 sq.m. (social housing) + 4,635 sq.m. (affordable housing)
14.9 M€ Before Tax