“Premières Loges” / Front row seats

Rillieux la Pape lies on the backbone between the Rhône and Saône rivers, a privileged location.
More than just a suburb of Lyon, this commune enjoys real autonomy from the metropolis. It boasts a small town center, major amenities and a number of large housing development set against a backdrop of suburban housing that opens onto a hillside park to the east.
The Balcons de Sermanaz is the final piece in this urban fabric, weaving the necessary link with the park landscape.

This extremely rich situation is unique. It is rare in the urban continuum to be able to speak of a boundary. The place where the city begins and where it ends has been definitively blurred in the improbable city entrances due to urban sprawl, where the countryside gives way first to commercial zones, then to industrial zones, leaving the surrounding landscape at a good distance from first dwellings.
Added to this strong intention is the desire to carry out a particularly virtuous project from an environmental point of view. The connection between the city and the park landscape means that we have to be particularly vigilant on the question of biodiversity, and therefore work with the flora and fauna already present to avoid disturbing the existing ecosystem.

All these reflections and the first studies we have carried out invite us to take our place in this great landscape and to take over the intentions set out by the site’s urban planners.

3,155 sq.m. (social home-ownership units) + 5,478 sq.m. (home-ownership units) + 1282 sq.m. (intermediate accommodation)
18 M€ Before Tax