Lot 2B Triangle des Meuniers Joint Development Zone

Project in collaboration with Lineup Architecture

In the “Porte d’Orly” eco-district.

The Triangle des Meuniers joint development zone is a showcase for urban development in this economic area of Grand Paris, within the Porte d’Orly eco-district.

Urban density requires access to light for all, which leads us to define the void as our shared urban heritage.

We therefore propose to design this block around its core, paying particular attention to the shape of the interstitial space between the buildings.

Our intervention can thus be broken down into a few simple intentions that we are committed to implementing:

  • To build the heart of a block with a genuine interior landscape as a social link;
  • Connect and weave with the context;
  • Playing with regulatory constraints to optimize apartment space;
  • Propose sober architecture that emphasizes details, windows and railings.

Photographie : Sergio Grazia

7,700 sq.m. (132 apartments)
10,5 M€ Before Tax
Landscape design