Guillaume Tirel dormitory building

The Lycée Hôtelier Guillaume Tirel is located on boulevard Raspail in the Montparnasse district. The building is inseparable from its site, as it articulates in its own way the relationship between the place and the city.

The dormitory accommodations were built a few years later on the rue Campagne Première.

A transition more than a clean break between the two buildings had to be made.

The link with the high school is made by a hollow volume and a cladding of creased polished steel while passing towards the street scale modulates to a more domestic vocabulary based on working with the vertical window and its sliding, brushed stainless-steel shutters.

Although the use of metal recalls the high school’s frames, the random placing of the shutters demonstrates a mathematical disorder that differentiates it from the even pattern of the school. It slides imperceptibly to another system that is, on the whole, autonomous yet dependent.

Photographie : Sergio Grazia

3,000 sq.m.