Les Ulis

Eminently domestic.

This project for I3F involved detailed typological research.
How can we offer the density of small multi-family dwellings, with the properties of the house? By individualizing the collective through the privatization of distribution.

Each apartment/house has its own door, doormat and staircase, directly visible or accessible from the public space. Large, out-of-scale boxes, hollowed out and colored, identify the porches, giving rhythm to the street.

These large urban loggias are eminently domestic, creating protective stoops and identifying the entrances to the houses.
The composition of the facades overlooking the garden reinforces the domestic character of the project, thanks to the presence of large terraces and the use of different materials, wood and zinc, which fragment the volumes.

The intermediary housing units combine the quality of individual housing with the density of small collective housing. The absence of communal staircases and lobbies makes them true stacked houses.
As a result, maintenance and utility costs are kept to a minimum.

6,889 sq.m. (97 social housing units)