Lot B3 A

A layered project with views in the heart of a park!

The land occupied by lot B3a is part of the overall master plan for Noisy-le-Grand’s Grand Projet Ouest, and more specifically of the first operational sector, the upper part of Maille Horizon Nord, whose urban strength is illustrated by the presence of a vast central park that enhances the natural topography of the hillsides and turns the city back towards the Marne river.

Conceived as a new, sustainable and equitable district, future operations are designed to complement the existing offer of services, housing, shops and activities, while combining programmatic diversity with environmental ambitions.

Its pivotal position between the upper and lower promenade, facing the Park, gives the future building of lot B3a a special role as a figurehead, whose sculptural mass and architectural treatment should reinforce its status as an urban focal point.

The project contains a mixed-use program, with a two-story retail area (first floor and basement) providing a visual and programmatic link between the upper and lower promenade from the retail area.

On the first floor, a band of apartments faces the heart of the block, each with its own private garden.
On the upper levels, the volumetric contributes to the multiplicity of housing orientations.

Photographie : Stefan Tuchila

4,654 sq.m. (67 home-ownership units)
7,9 M€ Before Tax