Espace Jacques Chirac

Building a new facility in the city means setting up the monuments of tomorrow.

The site for building the new media library of Colombes, a suburban town ta Paris’ northwest, is part of a larger-scale project of urban renewal.

The purpose of this process was to reclassify the Fossés Jean Bouviers district, marked by a landscape of towers and tower blocks.

As such, the project had to be especially exemplary, and it was in this spirit that architectural and conceptual research was carried out. 

The project presented itself as a mysterious volume, a golden rock open to the town with an immense hall that deplays on the entire height of the building, using its verticality ta read all the entities contained inside.

The programs wind around patios with terraces and interior gardens. 

Located on the edges of the volume, large reading rooms open like wide vertical ears onto the square with alternating plains and glass partitions and play on kinetic perceptions.

Overhangs, rhythms, porousness, wrapping volumetrics and multi­orientations typify the building that urges visitors onto a path of initiation for each of its spaces.

An architectural outlier from its surroundings, this new facility coalesces the public space around it. lts golden color reinforces its role as a marker, a precious object that symbolizes the role of culture in the revitalization process engaged.

Photographie : Sergio Grazia

3,060 sq.m.