Learning City Les Sablons

Our aim is to create a facility that generates social links, in direct exchange with the life of this neighborhood with its rich, multi-faceted identity.

The Corbeil/Sablons educational center will be built on the current site of the Ecole Maternelle Cendrillon, at the heart of the Grigny 2 district, which is currently undergoing major renewal. The project’s ambition for years to come is to offer a calmer, more comfortable living environment for Grignoises and Grignois (the inhabitants of Grigny) of all ages. The cité éducative will bring together several services in a single location: a school group, a crèche, a PMI (maternal and child protection) and an administrative wing.  The aim is to provide the best possible support for children, and to facilitate exchanges between all those involved in their development: parents, teachers, educators and educational teams.

A school is always a place open to the world, a space that must offer students, teachers and staff optimum comfort and a soothing environment conducive to learning. This calls for generous outdoor spaces and vast interior circulation areas that can be expanded in some places, to enable encounters and exchanges.

This fluidity connects the programs from the reception area and visually links the different levels. In this way, the whole can be understood and each part easily identified.

In this project, we have given priority to the proximity of all the players and a human scale adapted to the development of each individual.

6,800 sq.m.
Landscape design
22° Paysagistes