Bagneux G2 Station

The project is part of a vast urban renewal program for the town of Bagneux, boosted by the arrival of two new Grand Paris Express stations. The project offers the town a new polarity, balancing built density and creating a new identity for the urban landscape.

Rather than taking a unitary approach to vertical construction, we propose to segment and refine it, giving it a variability, a skyline that creates different silhouettes depending on the angle of view.

In the hollows of these gaps, vertical gardens develop to accommodate balconies and terraces. While this volumetric arrangement creates unity, the rifts and variations in architectural writing add diversity.

Each tower expresses the notion of the vertical garden in its own way, and each building finds its own identity in the work on bays, materials and the overhangs of loggias and terraces.

This urban and architectural proposition, amplified by the interplay of heights, also gives the volumes a chiseled and slender cut, in the manner of the turrets that punctuate the San Gimignano skyline. Finally, it gives the square a new identity.

Photographie : Stefan Tuchila – Hervé Abbadie

13,000 sq.m. including 9,000 sq.m. (residential units), 4,000 sq.m. (shops)
Landscape design
D'ici Là