Avicenne hospital

A new image for this Bobigny district.

The new Larrey pavilion occupies a particularly strategic position along rue Marcel Cochin, helping to give the Avicenne Hospital a new image in this part of Bobigny.

The hospital must, of course, be an efficient tool, but it must also be a friendly workspace for the health care workers and a pleasant living environment for both patients and their families. The hospital must no longer be perceived as a mere treatment machine. The importance of psychological factors in the healing process is often linked to the quality of the environment. The architectural image must be conceived as one of these not insignificant factors, often complementary to the factors arising from treatment and care.

So, for this new extension, we have favored the image of a hospital, in the primary sense of the term, i.e. a place of hospitality, welcome and accommodation, comprising a pavilion of the most domestic size and scale possible three-story, largely open onto interior patios or the surrounding landscape.
The architectural image we propose attempts to offer a more complex and perhaps more reassuring reading of a classic hospital facility. Indeed, its architecture must at once express its function through its clean, hygienic appearance, while at the same time suggesting – although this may seem paradoxical – a certain gentleness, a domestic, less anxiety-provoking scale.

13,550 sq.m. (consolidation + extension of 14 operating theatres)
21,6 M€ Before Tax