Bagneux Lot B2


Competition 2016
Delivery 2021
Surface 15 867 m² ( dont 500 m² de Business Center)
Landscape design JM Rameau

Photos Arte Factory (vues perspectives)

Plot B2 illustrates formal continuity, expressive of a black diamond

Clinging to the north gable of the adjoining structure, the building is a folded, meandering volume that spreads between Avenues Aristide Briand and Victor Hugo, ending at a corner at the intersection of these two streets. The open hollows accommodate wide, green forecourts formed by a series of alignments and recesses.

This particular location is the essence of the project; it gives this “prow” the value of a sign marking the entrance to the city. The volumetric figure, which is particularly well worked, ensures a skillful harmony and evokes a remarkable sculptural shape. Block B2 uses a reduced architectural register.

The facade, clad in black thermo-lacquered metal, rises above a mineral base in architectonic anthracite concrete. It is composed of 2.70 meter frames resulting from random assemblies between frames and infill panels. The monochromic black makes it possible to capture and play with the variations of the light.

The composition of this skin is inspired by the work of the artist Pierre Soulages and his research into the materiality of black. “The pot with which I paint is black,” explains the painter, “but what counts is the light, diffused by reflections.”